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Project Description

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Music Connecting People



More than fifteen partners will share their national music culture. Each school will create a music national portrait and publish it on the twin space.Then every school will add music examples of their national songs. In April 2011 there will be a music festival - Music Awards. All partners will choose one national song which will be performed by students, record a video clip and publish it on the web. Voting of all the participating schools will choose the most favourite suggestion which will be awarded with a special statue. Each participant will receive a certificate for participation in this European festival - Music Awards. All the suggestions will be recorded on a common CD and a DVD album.



The project starts in September 2010. Each participating school will create a music national portrait using PPT and add it to the ewtinnig project space in November. Then each school will send a CD with national songs to each partner. In January each school will organise an internal contest in order to choose one national song which will be recorded as a video clip. In March all the video clips from all the partners will be published on the project web. Voting from all partners.In May all participants will receive the certificates for their participation in 'The Evrovision School Contest'.




To make intercultural dialogue through music. To motivate students and teachers to learn English.To give opportunity to students and teachers to share their talents.



Anticipated results:

More then fifteen music portraits - Power Point presentations. More then 15 CD albums with different kinds of European music which each school can use in their music lessons.One 'Eurovision festival' for students.







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